The Farm

Located in Middle Tennessee just an hour east of Nashville, Our Father’s Gift Farm is an amazing place! We have been blessed over the years to raise many types of livestock and provide our family and others with wonderful animal products off this land. Our farm also has a historic log home that was originally built in the 1850’s, although it was updated in the 1980’s to have a few more modern amenities. This historic home serves as our family’s main residence.

The Livestock We Raised

Here at Our Father’s Gift Farm we have raised many types of livestock. Each one served a purpose on our farm and brought us joy. Our goats provided amazing products including milk, meat, and fiber and where beloved for their fun personalities.

The sheep we raised where a breed called “Jacob Sheep”. The name comes from the Bible story in Genesis where Jacob was given all the spotted and striped sheep as a payment for his labor (Genesis 30:32). This breed of sheep is quite rare and we worked with the Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association to help conserve this unique breed. Our sheep’s fleeces (their wool) is a favorite among those who are spinners and fiber artists. We have been honored to be able to keep providing Jacob sheep wool to our customers by partnering with the farm that purchased our flock of sheep.

We also have had an assortment of poultry, a some horses, livestock guardian dogs, and cattle because who can say no to a just few more animals…

~Our livestock over the years~