Here at Our Father’s Gift, we seek to share the love of Jesus from Tennessee to the ends of the earth through education, agriculture, and art.

Our Father’s Gift has a farm located in middle Tennessee, where over the years we have been blessed to raise many types of livestock including dairy, meat, and fiber goats, Jacob sheep, livestock guardian dogs, and much more! At this time however, we are focusing on our ministry and education projects and do not currently have any livestock. We do still continue to provide support and training for new livestock owners and those who would like to improve their care and management practices.

Our Father’s Gift and the Christian Veterinary Mission

We are so excited to be continuing our mission to share the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth by serving with the Christian Veterinary Mission in Mongolia! This is an amazing opportunity to work with local partners in Mongolia to provide veterinary and English education, agricultural training, and encouragement to Mongolian Christians.

Photos From Our Father’s Gift Farm in Tennessee