Jacob Sheep Shearing

Our Jacob sheep provide a variety of amazing products. Each year the whole flock gets shorn and each animal provides a raw fleece that can be sold. Jacob sheep do not shed their wool naturally, so shearing is an essential part of the animal’s yearly care. Without shearing, they would suffer from heat in the summer and parasite infestation. After the wool is sheared, we can felt, spin, weave, crochet, or knit the wool.

2 Comments on “Jacob Sheep Shearing

  1. Do you give classes on this? We had a hard time shearing them, it was awful! Do you give to the sheeps something for them to be so calm?

    1. I haven’t done classes, but I did go to a shearing school myself to learn. I don’t give the sheep anything, its all in the way you hold/position them during shearing. If you live nearby to us and are available when I shear mine, I’m happy to try to teach you.

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