Breeding Season

Along with the fall leaves and pumpkin pie, this time of year brings the scent of bucks around here on Our Father’s Gift!   For our dairy goat herd breeding season started Sep 2 when we introduced our buck Valor into their herd.  He did an amazing job of synchronizing their estrus cycles and all 10 of them bred between September 9th-13th.   So long as they don’t come back into heat we are looking forward to a very busy  and exciting kidding season beginning February 2017.   Our sheep, meat and fiber goats will start to be bred around the end of October.  That way the weather will be warmer for kidding and lambing, and the dairy goats will be done using the kidding stalls.  We are thankful to God for a great start to this years breeding season!

Valor and Peppy
Valor and Arwen
Valor and Peppy