Sheep Shearing

Shearing Jacob sheep is always an exciting part of each year.  We get to see how each animal has faired over the winter months, see who looks like they are bred, and get LOTS of new wool to work with over the rest of the year.

The sheep must stay completely dry a few days before they are shorn to get a quality fleece.

Sheep staying dry before shearing

When you shear the sheep, you want to do it with the least stress on the animal and you.  That means that you don’t want to be wrestling with the sheep, so it is really important to hold the sheep in a way that it feels comfortable and does not struggle.

Lenore shearing Little Horn
Almost done!

After the sheep are sheared, they must stay warm and dry until their metabolism adjusts to not having a fleece to keep them warm.

Emma and Little Horn staying warm and dry after shearing
Lambi and the other ewes