Small Flock Shearing, and Other Services


We can provide shearing services for flocks and herds of 10 animals or less. We are willing to travel to your farm if you are within an hour and a half radius of us. Travel fee does apply. You are also welcome to bring your animals to our farm to receive any of our services. We do have a set-up fee for shearing. After the animal is sheared, we can trim hooves too, if needed.

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Why Should You Shear Your Animals?

The video below is the story of Greta, our first Angora goat that we rescued. Unfortunately, many other sheep and goats I have sheared share Greta’s same sad story of neglect. Wool sheep and Angora goats DO need to be sheared! Shearing is a basic health requirement for these animals, just like trimming their hooves. Without shearing, they can become infested with lice and other parasites and develop painful hot spots on their skin. In the heat of the summer they can even die from heat exhaustion. Please don’t put your animals through this! Most wool sheep breeds need to be sheared once a year, usually in the spring, and Angora goats need to be sheared spring and fall. Even some hair sheep and mixed breeds can require shearing because the wool sometimes won’t naturally shed all of the way, leaving heavy mats of fiber on their backs that can damage their skin.

The righteous care for the needs of their animals.

Proverbs 12:10a

Fee Schedule

Prices are subject to change.
ServiceGoatsSheepSet Up (On Our Farm)Travel Fee $20 Per Hour

We are NOT a Veterinary Service!!! Nor are we associated with any Veterinary service. There are always risks associated with any of the services we provide. We are NOT responsible for any injuries or losses caused directly or indirectly by a service we provide. Please educate yourself as to the risks involved before asking for any of our services. 

Feedback From Customers

Thank you so much for your disbudding service and for being available and prepared at such short notice. My two Nubian kids are doing well and their horn areas look lovely today. Just two days post disbudding, the area is dry and healed! They look great!  Looks like you did a wonderful, very professional job! I will keep you posted to let you know if any scurs occur, but I don’t think they will. After observing your technique, I now have gained more confidence to do my own kids in the future. I will pass on your name to other goat people that I know.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Chandler

Lafayette, TN